Studio Classes

               Students meet several times each semester in groups and have the opportunity to not only perform in a casual environment for each other, think critically and provide feedback to one another, but also have the opportunity to learn about inspiring musical topics other than just playing their instruments. Students also have the opportunity to enrich their skills further as musicians by playing together in ensembles.


Recent Class Topics

  • Medieval-Contemporary periods with musical examples
  • Creating composer profiles
  • Creating timelines
  • Active music history games
  • Learning about Peter and the Wolf and different instruments
  • Bela Bartok's background and his 44 Folk Duos for 2 violins
  • History of the violin and famous makers
  • Trying other instruments (mandolin, guitar)

Studio classes create a sense of community and an environment for creativity. My students who have been involved in these classes have  really enjoyed them and look forward to upcoming classes.

Spider Crawl

5 Step Bow Hold

Windshield Wiper

Stir The Pot

Instructional Videos

The videos I've created will help you as a student learn how to hold the bow correctly. Watch them several times daily and copy the steps in the videos for the best results. After you've successfully learned the bow hold, re-visit these videos each week for review.

Jenae Starikov